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    Teens Drive Just Like Their Parents - What Kind of Example are You Setting?

    Private driving classes in orange county. Behind the Wheel lessons are where the rubber meets the road (literally). This is where your teen will experience driving in real life situations, putting everything we teach them to use. That said, if you speed, so do they. If you do not make a full stop at a stop sign, neither do they. Its a fact. Set a good example (they watch how you drive and tell us all about it). Keep in mind its illegal to drive/practice until after the first lesson (even with your parents). You need to practice roughly 25 hours between lessons.

    Lesson timelines are as follows: If you are over 18 we can shorten the time frame from the DMV suggested 2-6 months. However, it would still be a minimum of 2 weeks between lessons unless you purchase the accelerated package.

    Remember it is the students/parents responsibility to contact us in a timely manner to schedule lessons. Don't wait till the last minute. If you are planning on just having lessons and not getting significant practice between lessons - you are really setting yourself up to fail the Behind the Wheel test.

    All lessons expire 6 months from the date you sign up. The lessons can be extended for an additional 6 months for $125.00. Lessons expire completely with no reinstatement possible after 12 months.


    Behind the wheel training orange county. SoCal Driving Academy is by far the best option when choosing your Driving School provider in Orange County California. Our professional driving school instructors have years of unblemished driving experience. We have trained thousands of safe drivers over the last 7 plus years and they, and their parents, are very thankful for the strong foundation we provide them. We teach vital defensive driving skills that your teen will use every day for the rest of their lives.

    To be honest, one of the most dangerous things a teen can do on a daily basis is get behind the wheel of a car and drive upwards of 65 miles per hour on the 405. Do you really want your teen to be trained by someone who's last job was at Starbucks? We are professional instructors who have chosen this occupation because its what we want to do not because its the only thing we can do. Think about that when you are considering the price of our course. Cheap driving schools are cheap for a reason.

    Choosing SoCal Driving Academy is a great investment in  your teens future (and your peace of mind). Most of us start every day of our lives by getting behind the wheel of a car and going to work or school, right? At SoCal Driving Academy , we not only  teach driving techniques that will help the pass the test but also keep them coming home safe and sound. order to provide our full attention to you, the student, our Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons consist of only two people in the car, the instructor and the student. This allows for the student to ask questions and learn in a judgment-free environment.


    We chose the 2017 Mazda3 Sport or the 2017 Ford Focus as our driving lesson vehicles. Both Mazda3 and Ford Focus named a Car and Driver “10 Best Three Years In A Row”:

    4 Wheel disc brakes

    Anti-lock Brake System

    Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

    Six standard air bags


    We will pick you up and drop you off before and after each lesson. This means that we can ensure you get the training you need, when you need it and put an end to missed lessons or rescheduling due to transportation issues.


    A 20 something whose last job was at Starbucks may not be who you want guiding your teen down the freeway at 60 mph. Therefore, all our instructors are parents. They don’t want to be Facebook friends, or hangout with your student after the lesson.

    DMV Guidelines

    6-month waiting period

    Learners permit validation

    Three 2-hour long lessons

    In order to validate your driver’s permit, the instructor must sign the second page of the permit following the first 2-hour lesson. Only after that can a student drive with their parent.

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