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    Best Teen and Adult Driving School in Huntington Beach

    When you really want the best Orange County has to offer in Behind the Wheel driving lessons.

    SoCal Driving Academy is not like any other driving school in Huntington Beach. Our goal is to teach teens and adults how to drive safely. All driving schools are not the same. SoCal is the best driving school in Huntington Beach for both teens and adults. Students learn how to drive safely as well as pass the DMV Behind the Wheel test. We know how to do that. SoCal Driving Academy offers different services and methods of learning which is why it is the best driving school in Huntington Beach.

    Behind the Wheel Training
    is one of the most important aspects of our Huntington Beach driving school. This is your chance to get behind the wheel in as safe a setting as possible. Our DMV certified instructor will walk you through the process of driving while also keeping an eye out for any bad habits that may be forming. SoCal Driving Academy only schedules one student per session. The goal is to create a learning environment in which you can feel comfortable asking questions.

    Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service.
    A certified trainer will pick you up from home, work, or school in our DMV approved car. We will go over the questions that will be asked at the begging of the Behind the Wheel test. Each session is 2 hours long. The student will be dropped off at home after the session. No need to come to our office.

    You can get good or cheap but you cannot get a good and cheap driving school. Use Groupon for a pizza not driving lessons.

    The DMV Test Day package. The DMV package combined with your lessons is our most popular package. We do all the work. SoCal Driving Academy will schedule your appointment with the DMV, you use our car, insurance and registration. This removes stress from the process. There are other services you can customize as well. See our website for details
    Are you ready to get your license? You’re in the right place! SoCal Driving Academy is proud to be the city of Huntington Beaches first choice for behind the wheel training. Our instructors will guide you through the process. Having a driver’s license is a responsibility and we are committed to turning each one of our students into safe and confident drivers. For years parents and teens alike have entrusted SoCal Driving Academy with teaching the life long skill of driving – and there’s a reason why! Take a look at what our clients have to say about their experience:

    Why are we the number one driving school in Huntington Beach?
    There’s a reason why we are the top driving school in Orange County. We’ve developed a system that results in almost every one of our students passing their exam the first time.

    In addition, we use DMV approved vehicles for our behind the wheel driver’s education. All our vehicles are four door sedans. They are all equipped with a passenger side master brake for the instructor. Each vehicle goes through an annual safety inspection with a DMV approved inspector. The vehicles are also regularly maintained to ensure the safety and comfort of each student.

    Our Scheduling software: We use Drive Scout to schedule and inform students and parents of upcoming lessons as well as provide a progress report following each lesson. While the needs of every student are different, we have found that the highest success rate lies in staggering the lessons over an extended period of time. This allows for practice at home to be combined with our behind the wheel lessons to really get the most out of them.
    bOur instructors go through rigorous background checks as well as hours of training and are licensed as instructors through the Department of Motor Vehicles. They are all safe, honest, trustworthy adults. Every SoCal Driving Academy instructor truly cares about you (or your loved one) becoming a safe and confident driver.

    Why should you choose SoCal Driving Academy in Huntington Beach?:
    Well, 65% of our new students come from the recommendation of past students. We think that speaks for itself. When students/parents have a good experience and get the results they expected they pass our name on to their friends and family. We appreciate that.

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